Duck has lost her voice !

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yorkshire duck
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Duck has lost her voice !

Post by yorkshire duck » 16 Jun 2014, 19:02

Is this a problem ? Our 3 year old aylesbury x duck has lost her voice, she went a bit croaky about 10 days ago & then her quack seemed to be comming back slightly. And n ow its completely gone again, shes a bit of a madam so she'll puff up at you & make all the beak movements of giving you a good telling, but theres no sound at all :scratch: Last year she developed a lump under her jawline, it looked like she'd swallowed a frog or something & it'd got stuck. She was acting normal , eating ,drinking, quacking & being bossy so we just kept an eye on her & it went after a week or so. Just wondered if this could have anything to do with her loss of voice now ? Shes eating & drinking as normal, is laying every day & other than being silent is the same duck we've always known & loved. Tbh, apart from worrying that theres something wrong with her, its really nice that now shes so quiet, she has to be the loudest duck we've ever had ! :roll:
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Re: Duck has lost her voice !

Post by subruss » 16 Jun 2014, 19:26

Normally when the quack breaks you undo the zip at the back take it out give it a good shake and sew it back in :scratch: :thumbright: :lol:

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Re: Duck has lost her voice !

Post by CP » 17 Jun 2014, 02:55

Never heard of a voiceless duck! :lol:

If she's normal in all other ways then try not to worry about her too much, & hope she's OK. ;)
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organic chick
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Re: Duck has lost her voice !

Post by organic chick » 17 Jun 2014, 08:12

We sometimes dream of voiceless ducks on our river, particularly at 0300 in a morning! ](*,) Come getting up time they are quiet as mice. No ideas with ducks, but our ageing feline has lost her miaow now and no idea what caused that either. As she is eating, drinking and purring still we decided not to investigate.

Interestingly this is the best year for ducklings ever here. Last year I think there was only one family of more than 2 but this year we have quite a few broods of 7 and 8 who have survived the magpies, crows and pike etc. The usual suspect brings her brood into the house for inspection and then wanders off again when we have all ooohd and aaahed.
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