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Green Polytunnel (small)

Posted: 12 Oct 2014, 18:38
by NannyP
Several months ago I decided to invest in a small green polytunnel to provide extra dry housing for my group of coqs. I bought mine from eBay. I needed to keep the separate from the girls, as there were not enough girls to go round and I'd already lost 2 Pekin boys to massive fight to the death!

My flock has been further depleted this year by predators, and I am down to just 6 hens and one Pekin coq. They have access to the run with the polytunnel and I put their food under there. I noticed the other day that they also dust bath under there as it keep amazingly dry.

So, for you guys who are now facing a wet autumn and winter, I thought you might like to know that I am really pleased with this purchase and it would be ideal to erect over part of your coop/run arrangement if all was less than 5ft high. I can stand up in mine, and I am 5'1" (don't ask me in metric, I have no idea).


It looks like this and I leave the door rolled up at all times.

Re: Green Polytunnel (small)

Posted: 13 Oct 2014, 06:32
by Moriarty
How does it secure to the ground? Would it stand up to strong winds Nanny P?

Re: Green Polytunnel (small)

Posted: 13 Oct 2014, 08:12
by jillychick
i used one on the allotment as a greenhouse and was concerned about the winds, a few slabs placed on the bottom rung of the frame work worked for me it went nowhere even in the gales. but how does keeping the door flap fully open work with high winds Nanny? i suppose you could close it and leave about 1/4 open at the bottom a brill idea Nanny never thought about using one as a hen shelter. :grin:

Re: Green Polytunnel (small)

Posted: 14 Oct 2014, 07:19
by NannyP
I have to say, mine is in an enclosed run, and is protected by a wall to one side and a high hedge behind so not really exposed to high winds. YOu can buy pegs to hold it down like a tent. We haven't.

Re: Green Polytunnel (small)

Posted: 14 Oct 2014, 11:27
by drfish
I had one of those on my garden, and it did succumb to the wind. The frame stayed where it was,l but it just ripped through the poly sheeting and sent it 3 gardens away. Does get very windy up on our hill though :lol: