hi to everyone

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hi to everyone

Post by oowee1 » 06 Jan 2015, 21:19

Hi All
At last the chicken house comes. Well i have to collect it in the morning from Milton Keynes and then back down to the Mendips (just south of Bristol).
Anyone got any suggestion of local suppliers of chickens and all the bits and pieces i need?

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Re: hi to everyone

Post by ladyplumber » 06 Jan 2015, 22:45

Hi oowee 1 and welcome to our forum :wave:

Sorry, but I can't suggest any chicken breeders local to you, but I'm sure someone else will be along soon to suggest somewhere.

As for bits and pieces, I've found that feeders and drinkers etc are cheaper online than in stores (Ebay or Farmandpetplace), and for example bales of dust extracted shavings for the coop, are far and away cheaper from an equestrian supplier than from pet shops (eg Pets at home) :thumbright:
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Re: hi to everyone

Post by CP » 07 Jan 2015, 02:41

Welcome to the forum oowee 1. :)
Happy in Hampshire!

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Re: hi to everyone

Post by Moriarty » 07 Jan 2015, 07:20

hey there oowee, great name! Can't offer any recommendations of suppliers but enjoy your chickens, you will find keeping them very addictive!
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Re: hi to everyone

Post by organic chick » 07 Jan 2015, 10:45

Welcome !! :cheers:

A friend of mine suggests trying here although he thinks they may only open for a few hours per day in the winter so suggests you check first.


As far as equipment is concerned we went for the rat proof treadle feeders. Expensive yes, but there is never any feed wasted. There is also a wealth of information on these pages if you have a delve around. It certainly helped me when we set up 18 months ago, and never be afraid to ask!! Someone always jumps in with suggestions. Also make sure you get advice re number of hens for your coop. Manufacturers are always too optimistic!!

Look forward to watching your space as it were.
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Re: hi to everyone

Post by somchuck » 12 Jan 2015, 13:55

This is one I have thought of visiting, don't know what they are like.
http://bristolpoultry.co.uk - for hens in Tickenham

I get feed from Mole Valley or Tinknell Fuels both have several branches

(If you find a good supply of chickens let us know I want araucanas)

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Re: hi to everyone

Post by subruss » 18 Jan 2015, 22:49

welcome aboard :thumbright: start asking those questions :grin:

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