Aylesbury ducks

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Dutch Bantam Cockerel
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Aylesbury ducks

Post by jaydee67 » 06 Jun 2006, 18:04

Here you go ...

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Loudmouth Schnook
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Post by Loudmouth Schnook » 25 Aug 2006, 21:27

Here's a link to a site -different kinds of ducks, but they are one of the few that breed Aylesburys to exhibition standard (pale coloured bill rather than orange or yellow). http://www.ducksforfun.co.uk and they are located in Scotland..
Fortunately Ah keep ma feathuhs numbuhed for, for just such an emuhgency...


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Mr Cholmondley-Warner
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Post by Mr Cholmondley-Warner » 03 Sep 2006, 16:48

The proper Aylesburys with pink legs and bill and heavyframe and horizontal deep keel are very hard to find, most are crosses.The Aylesbury being a big bird was only able to mate in water and poor layer so was crossed with American Pekins and others to give a more all round bird.Thats the birds most people have ,including me as they are the most common but not true Aylesburys.I bought mine as 'true' Aylesbury hatching eggs but obviously the person selling them had no idea, but I like them and their shape is as close to Aylesbury as I have seen so far since I started to look for them,so its not too much of a downer.Many Aylesburys look no more Aylesbury than my cat. Its nice to know there are still people around who have the correct true Aylesbury.Might give them a visit when I move up there.thanks for the link.

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wee schnook

Post by wee schnook » 25 Nov 2006, 13:55

Y'know about the ducklings that were goin' to hatch now there's six eggs instead of twelve. the other six were thrown out because they weren't fertilized. the eggs are aylesbury eggs. i'm not sure mum (loud mouth schnook) told you that.


Re: Aylesbury ducks

Post by cameron » 03 Oct 2010, 00:14

hi all, i was just curious as to what the aylesburys growing patterns are like.
i have seven ducks all 2 months old, of mixed breeds: khaki, saxony, east indian black, rouen and aylesbury. i read that the rouens and aylesburys were of very similar wieght but my two rouens are huge now but my loan aylesbury is only very slightly bigger than my E.I.Blacks.
and im pretty sure it is a true aylesbury as it has a pale pink beak high on its head and nice orange feet.
any info would be greatly appreciated.


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