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Post by Ex Moderator » 17 Sep 2005, 11:25

This thread is for Ardennes.


Ardenners (Ardennaise in France)

Post by french-hens » 26 Oct 2006, 16:32

You can see my photos ( and others) of Salmon & silver Ardenner bantams that I bred and kept while in France on I am having trouble sending them via this link!

I am hoping to start breeding them in the UK in the Spring.



Post by Elodel62 » 28 Oct 2006, 11:25

here is a website with some pics of the ardenaise.



Re: Ardennes

Post by wharf.chicks » 04 Apr 2009, 20:22


I keep silver ardennes but have recently lost my boy and are desperatley searching for a new boy to service my girlies or even eggs

PLEASE,please can anyone help



Re: Ardenners

Post by ardennerman » 18 Oct 2010, 17:33

I have bred both, Ardenners large and bantam on and off now for 7 years in France and now here in the UK and found them to be elegant birds with great character. I have attached a brief history of them which members might find interesting, I have also listed links (some only in french & dutch I'm afraid) including to my Ardenner photos with additional info and pics.

Origin : While large Ardenners are already known for centuries, Ardenner bantams are only a creation from hundred years ago. Around 1904 the first steps were taken in the ‘Union Avicole' association in Liège to create a miniature of the large Ardenner.
Appearance : The Ardenner bantam is a small bantam that weighs 550 to 650 gram. . It has a proud appearance and is very streamlined. The back is long and gently slopes towards the tail. The tail is long and closed in the hen which accentuates the streamline. The comb is single and upright in both sexes but not too large. Very striking is the dark pigmentation of the face, earlobes, wattles and comb. The intensity of this pigment depends on the variety (from very dark in birchen to red in silver duckwing). Also the eyes, beak and shanks, toes and nails are dark. There is also a rumpless Ardenner bantam in which the vertebrae and the feathers of the tail are missing.
The appearance and character of the Ardenner bantam is identical to the large Ardenner fowl. They can fly easily, It is a very strong breed which would sleep outside in trees throughout the year given the chance. The hens lay white-shelled eggs that weigh about 35 gram and they are good mothers, in my experience the more you handle them the more relaxed they are and having kept many breeds I can say they are no more trouble than any other breed I've kept and they are certainly NOT viscious or loud as has been written on another site from someone who admits he's never kept them. They can be good layers at around 200 a year and the chicks usually grow up without any problems.

Varieties: The most typical colors are black gold, silver black, blue silver, blue gold, salmon/ partridge. They are extremely rare in the UK. ... E05A08.pdf ... rkriel.htm ... e=Ardenner
Practical Poultry magazine Feb 2008 Ardenner article

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