guinea fowl

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guinea fowl

Post by stephen » 15 Sep 2005, 20:07

Thread for guinea fowl


Post by Fangs » 15 Sep 2005, 21:56


My own two mulberry guinea hens

Guinea fowl come in a variety of colours. Pearl being the most common, and lavender and white being the favourites. There are 3 colour classifications in guniea fowl. These being
1. Spotted
2. Partially Spotted
3. Solid Colour

Spotted colours include Pearl and Lavender.

Partiallu spotted include Mulberry and Chocolate

Solid colours include White and Slate.

Guinea fowl are known for being noisey birds. They make excellent danger alarms. They make a high pitched scrilling noise, until the danger has passed or they are calmed. Males are noiser than females.

To sex guinea fowl the easiest possible way is by the sound they make. When they are not shreaking males will make a single syllable sound. Females will make a 2 syllable sound, which will sound like 'Come back, come back'

Males are not aggressive to other male guinea fowl, but are aggressive to other male birds of another species. Therefore it is not a good idea to keep male guinea fowl, with cockerels. They will attack the cockerels, as they are seen as a threat. This can result in the detah of the cockerel, as guinea fowl will team up.

When introducing new birds to guinea fowl, both sexes can be aggressive. It is therefore a good idea to keep any new birds you purchase in a run in the enclosure of the guniea fowl, so they can get up close but not cause any damage. When you let the new birds out with the guniea fowl keep an eye on them for a few days. Once the pecking order is sorted out, guinea fowl will generally leave the birds alone.


potty polly

Post by potty polly » 26 Sep 2005, 15:15

I am new to keeping guinea fowl ,all help appreciated. :roll:


Post by Spana » 10 Feb 2006, 22:50

My Guineas.


phil and charlotte


Post by phil and charlotte » 25 Apr 2006, 10:02

I'm thinking of getting rid of my 4 hens and replacing them with GF, the hen coop is too near the house and despite regular cleaning it's starting to smell. Any advantages in GFs, or even Quail?


Post by Fangs » 25 Apr 2006, 22:14

i wouldnt say that there are many advantages of guinea fowl. they can be very loud, and most will wander, and try to roost in trees, they are also not tame like chickens, and loathe being handled. though mine are pretty good. cant say i know anythnig about quail though



Post by Spana » 25 Apr 2006, 22:23

Dont know about quail, but if you dont like chickens close to the house you'll hate Guinea fowl there. So will any neighbors that you have

phil and charlotte

Post by phil and charlotte » 26 Apr 2006, 08:04

Thanks - GF idea now in bin. Anyone got a Quail website?

Old Man of the 80's

Post by Old Man of the 80's » 27 Apr 2006, 22:01

Don't know of a website, but I keep Quail. I'm no expert, but I will answer any questions as best I can.


Re: Advantages?

Post by Lisa » 28 Apr 2006, 07:12

phil and charlotte wrote:I'm thinking of getting rid of my 4 hens and replacing them with GF, the hen coop is too near the house and despite regular cleaning it's starting to smell. Any advantages in GFs, or even Quail?
Our shed is very close the house and I now clean up every day to keep the smell down, especially in the summer. I got a good tip from summayah - I just pop on one of those disposable plastic gloves and as soon as I've let them out in the morning I pop in and, in literally a minute or two, all poop has gone from the shed. I keep a really thick layer of wood shavings in there so it can't get to the floor. Sometimes I do the run as well during the day. I see is as no different from cleaning up after the dog really.

Some people also recommend putting garlic powder in their chicken's food to help keep down the smell too, but I don't know at what rate. I do remember they said there was definitely no garlic taste in the eggs. Might be worth a try - can't make things worse!


Post by Heather » 28 Apr 2006, 08:35

1 tablespoon to 1 kg I think - it does work too - must get some more - I left the lid off the last lot - now I have garlic concrete !

phil and charlotte

Post by phil and charlotte » 28 Apr 2006, 11:44

Thanks everyone- I'll certainly give garlic a bash. Where do I get Quail (Somrerset or adjacent counties please!) and how much should I expect to pay?

Old Man of the 80's

Post by Old Man of the 80's » 29 Apr 2006, 20:34

Not sure where you will get them from, I paid about £3 a hen, £4 a cock. That was up in Norfolk though. As for the smell, my 24 birds are now down to 3 and in a large hutch smack outside the back door. No real noise or smell, every so often (once a week or so) I let them out on the back lawn for the afternoon.
If you've got an incubator, I will happily send you a dozen eggs down (fertile) for you to have a try with.

phil and charlotte

Post by phil and charlotte » 02 May 2006, 09:06

Thanks OMOT80s, I'm trying the garlic at the moment and haven't got an incubator, can I get back to you idc?

Old Man of the 80's

Post by Old Man of the 80's » 03 May 2006, 21:32

No problem at all, as long as my girlies are laying and my lads are doing as they should, I've got a glut of eggs about the place, all fertile. Mrs 80's would slaughter me if I hatched them all out!!

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