Heritage Skylines

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Heritage Skylines

Post by CP » 29 Feb 2008, 03:48

Thread for Heritage Skylines. :wink:


Post by Skyline » 29 Feb 2008, 19:38


I have recently got 3 Heritage Skylines and thought it right to have a thread for them.

These birds are very interesting and have loads of character. They are more active than most chickens and lay around 260 eggs a year. These eggs are 75% blue and the rest are usually khaki or white. They vary in different shades of brown grey and orange. (Will upload some pictures as soon as possible).

Thanks :D

Attila The Hen

Post by Attila The Hen » 07 Mar 2008, 16:08

I love the way the websites selling them all coyly describe them thus: "the breed is still in development", and then go on to explain how incredibly variable their plumage is, and how the egg colour is still not 100% blue of all eggs laid - ratio instead as Skyline above describes.

My point being, when is a breed a breed, and not a hybrid? The Heritage Skylines are clearly Araucana crossed with something else, and their variability and lack of egg colour consistency suggests this is a very early-stage hybrid, and certainly not a proper breed.

Do more established hybrids, i.e. Bovans Nera, breed true?

Should the breeds forum be split two ways, with pure breeds and hybrids threads listed seperately? Or are we happy to call a hybrid a breed?

Questions, questions!


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Chris Kurzfeld
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Post by Chris Kurzfeld » 10 Mar 2008, 09:50

If you go onto the "Cotswold Chickens" site, under Heritage Skylines the picture on the right looks remarkably like a Cream Legbar.


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Post by vanessa » 10 Mar 2008, 16:45

I'm tickled by the fact that a brand-new "breed" gets an old-sounding name ... "heritage" ... as if we're meant to believe they've been around for ever!

Attila The Hen

Post by Attila The Hen » 11 Mar 2008, 12:19

The same thought had occured to me too, Vanessa. To this cynic, it smacked of a rather amateurish attempt to a) create a breed/hybrid (at least all the other hybrids are finished articles by the time they become available), and b) market it.



Every egg a blue one

Post by nell » 16 Mar 2008, 15:45

My Skyline has laid every egg (12 to date) in a beautiful sky blue colour. Her coop-mate has just laid her first egg today and it is more of a khaki blue. I can't wait until the third Skyline lays an egg; I hope it is slightly different in colour then I will know which hen has laid which egg.

They are so friendly - gardening is so much slower with a Skyline on your spade!



Post by Tinks » 07 Nov 2008, 00:19

Cant seem to find much info on these birds ;(
Mines really hen pecked by the others :(

Attila The Hen

Post by Attila The Hen » 07 Nov 2008, 11:22

Tinks wrote:Cant seem to find much info on these birds ;(
Their low profile is probably a reflection of their newly formed status and amateurish marketing.
Tinks wrote:Mines really hen pecked by the others :(
Sounds like you've got just the one? Hens are terrible for picking on the odd one out in a flock. Much as I hesitate to support what looks to me like a cynically created and positioned hybrid, I think you should get another one so she's not odd-bird-out.



Post by Tinks » 07 Nov 2008, 11:28

Thats just what i was thinking :)


Post by tuzo2k » 07 Nov 2008, 11:46

I dont think Hybrids should come under the same classification as Breeds - (better to perhaps say 'hybrid birds' and 'pure breeds' - at least this is clear) but then I do prefer to have a 'standard' for a breed as comes under the auspices of the British Poultry Standards - but I do think 'hybrids' certainly have a place in egg production both commercial and domestic. My biggest problem is when some hybrids come out looking the same as a pure breed and unsuspecting poultry-keepers putting them in with their carefully guarded pure flock. I suppose the answer is never to buy any additional birds from auctions etc, unless the breeder is well-known for his determination to breed his stock pure - even then accidents happen. That's what I think anyway.


Post by shepherdess » 11 Dec 2008, 15:42

I purchased 2 of these `hybrids` last summer and neither have layed a single blue or bluish egg they lay exactly the same colour eggs as my black rocks, I feel a little bit swindled as they were rather expensive!!!


Post by Tinks » 12 Dec 2008, 13:27

Mine started laying blue eggs then stopped :( gutted


Post by shepherdess » 12 Dec 2008, 15:24

They are very pretty birds though and much tamer than I thought they would be.

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Re: Heritage Skylines

Post by milkmaid » 14 Mar 2009, 08:22

tinks what do you mean stopped :?:
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