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by CP
02 Jan 2006, 11:39
Forum: Eggs and Growers
Topic: To wash or not to wash?
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I haven't replied to this before as we don't sell our eggs (never got enough!) & only wash ours if they are dirty, just before using them. :wink: But I have noticed on many poultry sites that you can buy loads of egg washing equipment. Why is this? Or is it only if you are setting eggs in an incubat...
by CP
27 Oct 2005, 23:16
Forum: Breeds
Topic: Marans
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Lovely birds! :)
by CP
22 Oct 2005, 20:39
Forum: General & Misc
Topic: Thornes on Saturday (22nd)
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Nice pics of your new birds, & your daughter is really cute! :)
by CP
17 Sep 2005, 11:41
Forum: Breeds
Topic: Welsummers
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They come in bantam size too.


by CP
12 Sep 2005, 01:00
Forum: Feeding and Housing
Topic: Lets have a poll - mash or pellets?
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Dodson & Horrell layers pellets.
by CP
23 Jul 2005, 11:45
Forum: Feeding and Housing
Topic: What do you think?
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The link for the Grosvenor doesn't work for me. :?

I think keeping them all in 1 house, if it's large enough, would be the easier option. It also means you ony have 1 house to clean! :)